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Find out more about what makes our team the best solution in 3PL services.

What WE DO

We provide simple, agile, end to end order fulfillment solutions at industry leading value. With our digital fulfillment solutions, ability to ship globally, and seamless integration process – we offer the best value and best rates in the 3PL space.


Our ownership team was on the other end of dealing with other 3PL and order fulfillment companies. Shipping rates were inflated, customer service was poor after initial agreement, and ship times were unreliable. We created NovEx to provide business leaders and entrepreneurs with leading order fulfillment solutions with the best shipping rates, reliable shipment times, and the best customer service in the industry.


We believe in fast, efficient, and cost effective fulfillment options for business owners. Our owners have over 60+ years of experience in both order fulfillment and owning a b2c company. We partner with you to provide order fulfillment at the best value in the industry.

Our Locations

With facilities on the West Coast & East Coast – we offer full order fulfillment services nationwide with the ability to zone skip across the county – saving you money on every shipment. 

Each facility is over 150,000 square feet, unmatched cleanliness, and friendly customer service and support.

News & Articles

Selecting a 3PL Partner

Choosing the right 3PL partner is critical to saving your company time and money. We uncover key factors when looking for an order fulfillment partner.

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Freight Forwarding Services: What to Look For

Even with today’s technological advances, improvements in travel, and the ever-changing eCommerce and social media environment, one overlooked portion of how we do business in the 21st century is the importance of Freight Forwarding. Below we cover the impact a freight forwarder can have not only on your business, but how your end customer perceives your brand.

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