Amazon Fulfillment Services

Why Do You Need Amazon Fulfillment Services?

The biggest challenge a growing merchant has to face is undoubtedly warehouse inventory. After a certain amount of time, you, as a merchant, will outgrow your basement or garage and will have to search for a location to store your items. This is where you meet a whole set of new expenses. The cost of real estate can turn out to quite hefty on your pockets, and that’s not all; you’ll also have to look after warehouse logistics which is picking, packing, and shipping. All this can turn out to be a huge challenge in itself.

But you shouldn’t lose hope as Amazon offers a solution called Fulfillment by Amazon, FBA for short. The good news is the NovEx has been working closely with Amazon and FBA for many years, and because of that, every process under our proof happens perfectly.

NovEx has the most efficient integration with Amazon, which allows us to process orders instantly. These orders appear in our cloud-based system within the very minute customer clicks “submit.” This synchronizes your inventory with our system along with Amazon and automatically dispatches the shipment confirmation back to Amazon; meanwhile, our state-of-the-art system offers an exceptional amazon merchant fulfilled experience to everyone.

Why should you opt for NovEx’s order fulfillment services?

You can find many Amazon FBA alternatives, but those might come with a risk. Therefore, if you aren’t willing to risk your business, then you should always rely on NovEx’s order fulfillment services. Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits you get by NovEx.

We take care of all Amazon compliance requirements that include Advanced Ship Notice along with shipment routing requirements. We take compliance very seriously. Therefore, we have made a standalone department for compliance to help protect your so you could offer superior services to your customers.

Thanks to our cloud-based system, we are able to provide access to backorders, advance orders, and other complexities that might arise.

All it takes is 15 seconds to push your order into our cloud-based system. Our integration makes every process stream so orders can be processed every hour, on the hour – 24/7. And that’s not all; we also allow for last time customer change requests like address changes, etc. Every order that is dispatched will have your branding, your message, and customized pack slips.

After the initial stage of picking and scanning of products is complete, your order will be packed and shipped while a tracking number will be automatically assigned to it to write back to Amazon, where it’ll send a short confirmation email back to the customer.

Making your customers happy is a priority for us. Therefore, we will customize our returns for you, just the way you would have done it yourself. You will be able to see everything happening to your product in real-time while increasing the return-on-investment.

This is probably the biggest reason why you should opt for our order fulfillment services. NovEx’s inventory management system is updated in real-time, so you won’t ever have to face a situation where you’re out of stock. We have inventory alarms that will automatically inform you if you’ve reached a low level and your inventory needs restocking. If the said product is still out of stock, then our system will turn off that item on the customer’s shopping cart, eliminating the room for a negative customer experience.

Being a market leader, we have integration with all major platforms such as eBay, Commerce Hub, and Etsy, so you can use NovEx’s cloud-based system as your primary inventory along with order management system. It’s the one place where everything happens, just the way you want it to happen.

Growing a company is often hard work, but with the right scaling partners you can easily move to the next level. NovEx is the leading Amazon dropshipping Supplier that offers end-to-end DropShipping Fulfillment has access to several amazon fulfillment centers so your customers are always happy with your services.

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    Overview of Our Fulfillment Services

    1) Receiving and Storage

    At our eBay fulfillment center, you get to store your inventory at an affordable cost without any hidden charges or long-term storage fees. You get to enjoy premium services and support that begins with transporting your inventory to our warehouse through a coordinated shipping itinerary with inbound freight discounts.

    All your merchandise is stocked in a secure facility that runs through well-integrated software that constantly monitors orders and shipments. You remain apprised of your inventory levels and sales history so that you can plan accordingly.

    Ebay dropshipping suppliers can rely on our fast, accurate, and cost-effective order fulfillment services. Once our eBay store is synchronized with our fulfillment control panel, you give us control of the order retrieval. We can then quickly pick and pack the orders keeping you updated during the entire process.

    Despite the merchandise type and amount, we offer you cost-efficient shipping options that meet all your needs. Our reliable delivery system matches your and the customers’ requirements. We have a worldwide shipping service for your business’s unparalleled growth.

    Being a reliable eBay fulfillment center, we handle order returns for our merchants so that you have time on your hands to focus on your business operations. You are notified of the merchandise return so that appropriate steps could be taken before we ship the new orders to your customers.

    We offer you a well-functioning, round the clock customer support service that is accessible. Receive quick answers to all your queries through our live agent support, account management, and on-site communication and technical support.