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The Best Skincare and Beauty Fulfillment Services

Beauty fulfillment should only be trusted by third-party logistics providers that understand the industry. If you outsource your skincare fulfillment to a company that isn’t aware of the industry, then you might risk disrupting the entire supply chain on your hands. What you can do is choose a 3PL company that knows the beauty and healthcare industry inside out. This company will merge the high-tech and high-touch operations to take better care of your products, and this when you know that you’ve found the perfect 3PL company for your business.

NovEx offers premium skincare and beauty fulfillment services

We understand that the healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing businesses in the world. Therefore, we take every operation very seriously while handing it successfully every day. Supplements, vitamins, non-regulated health and beauty items, sterile surgical instruments, and much more. Your products must be designed to improve the quality of life, while our services are designed to improve the quality of order fulfillment. We do much more than just delivering on time; we revolutionize your operation so your business could reach the next level.

What can NovEx do for you?

NovEx is much more than a simple warehouse; we are your high-tech fulfillment and distribution center that does packaging, pick and drop for you. This is the place where you can easily bring new innovations to the global market. Don’t of us as a simple 3PL company, but think of us as a natural extension of your company because our team is capable of customizing every component to precisely fit where you need, instead of the other way around. Everything here is designed for healthcare which includes the gentle attitude we take to assist you in growing your business because in your growth is our growth.

Cutting Edge Technology

NovEx is the market leader in the 3PL industry, and we didn’t have this position since the start; we worked very hard to reach here, and we’re still working day and night to maintain our position. We use the latest technology that offers end-to-end automation; after all, automation is critical when it comes to delivering a better healthcare experience. But there is always something which machines can’t do – shake your hand and reassure you that your products are in safe hands. 

Professional services commitment to quality

We know that it’s not just money and time that goes into the making of a new product, but it’s the company’s name itself. We know this because we see our business the same way, and we completely understand that it takes dedication and commitment to overcome challenges in the healthcare industry.

The primary goal of your company must be to improve the quality of your product while decreasing the cost. But to achieve this goal, you must revamp your operations so you can reach that goal. Whether you manufacture supplements that promote wellness or beauty products that boots your facial glow, your products must have a competitive price; otherwise, they’ll be labeled as “too expensive.”

And that’s not all; your products will only do good if they’re packed perfectly and delivered where and when they’re designated to go. NovEx as your fulfillment partner will be the crucial link in the very middle of the healthcare supply chain. If you hire a 3PL company that isn’t experienced, then this very link will become the weakest. NovEx believes that shipping your goods correctly and at the lowest price will allow your business to grow and expand.

Let us take the burden off your back so you can look at what’s ahead, not behind.

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