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Power Your Ecommerce Business With A Viable Order Fulfillment Service

Tap Into Our Robust Order Fulfillment Structure To Stay Above The Game

NovEx offers you a faster and smarter e-commerce fulfillment service that uses real-time technology for your continued growth at every stage of the operation. We help you in selling whatever you want to wherever you want!

Using The Best Possible Ecommerce Logistics Tools To Scale Up Your Business

We help you in putting together an effective e-commerce shipping strategy. The well-integrated solution easily sync your orders, generate pre-filled labels, and automatically receive tracking numbers in your store, so you get to create the best customer experience possible.

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How It Works

Your all-in-one business solution is easy to run. Simply integrate NovEx into your web store for our automated software to handle all your sales and shipping processes. 

Set-Up Process: Select the address of the area from which to ship the order. Connect your stores to NovEx and choose the carriers you want to ship with.

Label Printing and Order Tracking:The automated process tracks numbers to corresponding stores, analysis the product quantities across the stores, uploads shipping information and other order details. You can print the label of your order from the browser. The tracking system allows you to keep track of your order until it reaches you.

What Our Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Process Offers

To ensure your business oversees smoother operations and fast growth, our Ecommerce fulfillment center offers you the following services. You get to retain customer trust and satisfaction through our flexible fulfillment process that keeps you apprise of stock availability and order status. We understand the importance of maintaining your customer base and removing all obstacles to delivering goods on time, packaging and shipping of orders.

A key to running a successful business involves timely picking and packaging the order for delivery. NovEx provides accurate pick, pack, and ship services that is a cornerstone of winning over your customers. Our consistently improving services help you expand into new markets, save you time and money, along with benefitting you with market competent rates.

All of your products are securely stocked and stored in our warehouses that meet all your storage needs. We scan all our orders and notify you of the status of your order before we retrieve and package it for shipping. From security to safer storage, our warehouse complies with all the standard procedures and mechanisms for the safety of your order.

To improve your brand reputation, you need an optimal reverse supply chain process that handles product returns and exchanges. A quicker refund and exchange system gain you loyal customers who are willing to make orders without fearing loss.

Running Your Business On The Go With Our Ecommerce Logistics

We offer you a single platform for all your eCommerce business needs. You get eCommerce applications that enable visibility and an integrated structure to run your business remotely. Remove all hurdles and tedious work to offer your customers nothing but the best.

Our warehouses are operated by our in-house team with efficient monitoring mechanisms for sensitive cargo. We have:

International Shipping Are Made Easy With NovEx

We offer worldwide shipping services to enable the growth of your business by an increase in sales and revenue. Save money through our insured and cheaper eCommerce shipping services that have made shipping across continents a cinch.

Avail Our Shipping Services For Stress-Free Running Of Your Business

Integrating a shipping solution for your business has become super easy with NovEx. Create an account and experience the increase in ROI with the result-producing systems we offer. You can benefit from the discounts that are reserved for high-volume and businesses and enterprises despite the frequency of your shipping orders.

We are your ultimate eCommerce business partners. We use our proactive and responsive services to complement your hard work and make growth real. You do your best while we take care of the rest!

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