Selecting the Right Order Fulfillment 3PL Partner

The key word above is “partner” – a true partner in order fulfillment. 3PL companies offer a variety of solutions built to help you scale, optimize your supply chain, and ultimately save you time and money in your fulfillment process. However, a common issue online merchants and direct selling businesses face is that once your inventory is in their distribution center, the emphasis in customer service tends to decline.


The Importance of Customer Service in Logistics

Reliable and responsive customer service is critical to have with your order fulfillment partner. Issues that arise typically involve delivery of your product to your customer – which is the pivotal party involved in the fulfillment process. Your customer should be delighted with the product AND the delivery process. This means:

  • On-time shipments
  • Shipment tracking
  • A good open-box experience
  • Consistency in the above when repurchasing

The above drives one of the most effective marketing tools for your business – word of mouth advertising (customer advocacy of your product, your brand). This comes through reviews, sharing socially, and simply sharing with friends. Your 3PL partner’s response rate to any issue that arises should be quick, thoughtful, and focused on delighting you and your customer in the order fulfillment process. The more responsive they are to your business needs, the more responsive (and happy) your customers will be.


The Problem Many Online Merchants, FBM Sellers Face

The problem with some 3PL companies is that they work hard to earn your business, but once the contract is signed and inventory is transferred, the promises made are not lived up to. Some 3PL companies know that it is hard to transfer inventory, seems challenging to setup your online cart, and overall is a distraction to your business in driving more sales volume.

The solution: A true partnership in order fulfillment and supply chain optimization will deliver the following – consistently:

  • Responsive, and reliable customer service
  • Expertise in supply chain optimization
  • Real-time data of inventory levels, tracking, and inventory management
  • Leading shipping rates
  • Bi-coastal distribution centers
  • Did we mention customer service?


Taking Ownership in the Order Fulfillment Process

This is what separates the good and the great – an online order fulfillment company that takes pride and ownership in logistics and acts as a true extension of your business. Not only do the best third-party logistics company’s check off the list above, but they take a proactive role in your order fulfillment, inventory management, forecasting accuracy, supply chain management, and customer experience. The focus is on your business, providing the needs you have now with a look to the future as you grow together.

What does this look like? We can show you at NovEx Supply Chain. However, the key traits are flexibility in your demands, agile and innovative solutions to problems, and a proactive role in saving your company time and money throughout the supply chain and order fulfillment processes. 


If you are a direct seller, online merchant, Amazon seller, etc. and are either fulfilling in-house, through Amazon, or with a 3PL company not meeting the above criteria, we can help with your logistics and order fulfillment service needs. NovEx offers the best value for agile order fulfillment solutions. Get in touch with NovEx now by reaching out to us at