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Electronics fulfillment offered by Novex

Most of the things we use daily are electronics. Because of emerging technologies, different electronics have entered our lives. From high-tech accessories to simple wearable devices, these new innovations are continuously coming to the market. Just browse any electronics category at any online shop, and you’ll see yourself.

As one of the biggest industries in eCommerce, US consumer electronics sales are expected to grow from $351 billion to a whopping 419 billion by 2022. With more sales, the pressure the keep the supply chains up and going increases.

Challenges in managing supply chains

If your products are exceptionally good but they don’t reach customers in time due to a poorly managed supply chain then your customers will probably avoid buying from you. Managing an eCommerce supply chain for a consumer electronics company gets very difficult, especially if you are familiar with the challenges that we’re about to mention.

Different varieties of supply chain

Depending on the total number of SKUs you sell, organization and storage might be hard to keep track of. Having the right warehousing solutions in place helps you make sure the proper inventory management, which includes receiving shipments, placing each and every SKU into a separate and dedicated storage location while ensuring the right product is being delivered to its destination.

Managing inventory turnover

Having all the inventory all the time isn’t something to be proud of, but having the right inventory at the right time is something you can call an achievement. Technology is taking different shapes every day, and you need to stay up to date while reducing outdated products. If you order too much inventory, then you might order products that might become outdated in the coming months, but if you order too little, then you’ll be at the risk of going out of stock.

If you work with a 3PL provider that allows you to reorder points and establish the right reorder quantity to keep an adequate stock level on hand.

Keeping your merchandise safe

We all know that electronics are expensive, and keeping them safe is always a priority. Preventing theft by having a secure warehouse staffed with security can assist you in keeping your merchandise safe. By partnering with NovEx, your inventory won’t only be safe, but you can also use the inventory tracking software to view the status of inventory, units sold, along quantity on hand at your storage facility.

Taking care of returns

Electronics have the highest ratio for being defective, and if you deliver a defective item, then it will be returned, which is difficult to handle. Returns will not be the same for every fulfillment service, and specific consumer electronics might need a more complicated return process, from initial testing to repairing. The best thing to do is to make an in-house QA team that will make sure of the quality of the product before it is shipped to the customer.

Expand your footprint globally

Most 3PL services are already international. They have fulfillment centers and supply chain networks around the globe

They also understand the local markets, transportation systems along with regulations needed to operate in them. By teaming up with a 3PL solutions company like NovEx, you make use of our logistics and warehousing knowledge to expand globally at a much faster pace. This will allow your company to expand into another region or country with little investment.

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