Warehousing Fulfillment Services

Why do you need warehousing fulfillment services?

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then you’d already know that maintaining order fulfillment services can be tough, especially if you’re short on manpower. Order fulfillment is an essential aspect of running a successful e-commerce business, and your success as a trader will mainly depend on the quality of your fulfillment service.

As a result, most of the top e-commerce businesses are transitioning to outsourced order fulfillment services so they can grow and expand their operations. An outsourced warehousing and fulfillment service includes a third-party logistics provider that makes sure orders are timely fulfilled on behalf of its clients.

How can NovEx help?

NovEx is a leading 3PL company that cares about its customers as much as you do. Our logistics and supply chain experts focus on your business at all stages – flexing to your needs now – while keeping an eye on growth and scale into the future. NovEx is more than a 3PL partner.

What businesses need NovExwarehouse fulfillment services?

Almost every business today needs warehousing fulfillment services because the current economic landscape demands it. Usually, online retailers, physical location stores, and e-commerce businesses that don’t have access to their own distribution centers or warehouses opt for warehousing and fulfillment services.

Benefits for outsourcing your order fulfillment services?

Businesses usually think that outsourcing order fulfillment is just an additional cost, but that isn’t the case. By outsourcing order fulfillment, you can reduce logistical and infrastructure costs. Most businesses think of hiring an in-house team that manages order fulfillment, but there are seasonal fluctuations which might be too much for an in-house team. During peak season, you might need to hire a few extra hands, and this is where the costs skyrocket. You’ll first have to find capable resources, negotiate on their wages/salary, and then move forward with your business operations. If you decide to hire a cheap workforce, then it might have a negative impact on your sales.

By partnering with NovExwarehouse 3PL Company, you will eliminate the need for new resources along with the need for new infrastructure, and this will ultimately reduce operating cost.

The list of expenses is long and hefty when you are running an e-commerce business, and one of the heftiest is the cost of shipping. If you decide to partner with a 3PL company, then they’ll offer you reduced shipping costs. How? Because NovExis in close contact with regional, national, and international shippers and they will offer us a much better rate than they would offer you. This is something you can take advantage of while saving money on shipping charges. And that’s not all; we also have locations across the country, which allows for inexpensive shipping while making way for the timely delivery.

The biggest problem most retailers have is expanding their business regionally or globally. There is a lot in between that business owners often don’t pay attention to, like compliance issues, and global trade tariffs can be daunting and complex. If you opt to partner with NovEx, then we’ll give your business the ability to ship anywhere in the world due to our distribution networks along with global expertise.

NovEx also offer pick-and-pack services that include:

  • Processing small- to large-quantities of products
  • Disassembling of products
  • Shipping to their designated destinations
  • Repacking with shipping labels
  • Preparation of invoices

By working with NovEx, you can take advantage of our pick and pack fulfillment center that offers maximum efficiency for successful order fulfillment. Our pick and pack warehouse services are cost-effective that’ll help your business achieve a fast turnaround for deliveries.

The NovEx promise

No matter how big or small your consignments are, NovEx will also consider it as a milestone in its journey because we make sure that every customer that comes to us doesn’t go home unhappy. Our 3PL solutions offer cost savings and can easily meet high-volume orders. If you are looking for an end to end fulfillment services along with a full-service warehousing option, then NovEx is the best 3PL company for you. We Serve businesses across the country while offering exceptional customer service for all your unique needs.

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