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Apparel Fulfillment Services by Novex

If you’re running an online apparel business, then you must be aware that staying up to date with fashion trends is essential if you want to succeed. And that’s not all; you must also be able to respond to market needs and replenish low inventory quickly. Clothing and fashion is a fickle industry that usually has short product lifecycles that revolve around trends, locations, seasons and have a huge difference between men, women, and children’s wear and sizes. 

Why do apparel brands need a 3PL company?

There are hundreds of clothing brands, but the vast segments of the market are monopolized by a few big names. Companies that are planning to open a retail business must constantly stale their claim to maintain and develop a customer base, which is why new apparel brands face high stands in customer satisfaction because the bar is set that high.

However, the apparel industry is too massive and will always have room for smaller and newer brands to secure a portion of the market next to global retailers. But, fashion trends change in months and even weeks. Therefore, online retailers should be responsive, flexible, and open to quickly change their course. An apparel company that plans to win the market must be in close connection with the apparel retailer so the company can grow and continue to support them as sales go up while maintaining the same quality of customer service. 

How is that possible, you ask? NovEx can do that for you! 

Apparel Fulfillment with NovEx

Being a market leader, NovEx offers accurate, fast, and e-commerce shipping across the United States at reduced shipping rates. Not only do we make our pricing easy to understand and completely transparent, but we also offer price breaks for necessary pieces of the e-commerce fulfillment process.

If you’re wondering what type of apparel we deal in, then read below:

Before you go on choosing an apparel fulfillment provider, be sure to consider some important things like turnaround time, software integration, pricing, warehousing services, and branding options.

If you choose NovEx, then you’re partnering with the leading 3PL company that doesn’t just pick and delivers on time; we make sure to provide quality services to your company at the most affordable price. With NovEx, fashion brands are able to meet the increasing customer demands while expanding their reach geographically thanks to a growing fulfillment network coupled with expertise in logistics. 

NovEx is the industry leader in e-commerce fulfillment. Our broad range of fulfillment services allows fulfillment to be the source of revenue generation, not an expense center for your business.

Here is a glimpse of our retail fulfillment services

NovEx allows for integration with all major platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce, Walmart, eBay, and more.

Time is money. You can ready to as in as little as 15 with NovEx.

NovEx has a huge network of apparel fulfillment centers in megacities and other major metro areas of the US.

We offer guaranteed 2-day shipping so you can compete with major apparel retailers.

Now you can easily manage and view your inventory across any of NovEx’s warehouses from one dashboard.

Returns are a common thing for apparel retailers. Therefore, we offer complete reintegration of your returned product to make supply chain operations more efficient.

We offer custom packaging so your customers will have an exceptional unboxing experience with NovEx.

Whether day or night, NovEx is here to help you in every way it can.

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