Where’s My Package? Parcel Tracking Explained

Tracking a courier or a package involves a tedious process of localizing containers, packages, and different parcels at the time of sorting and delivery. It assists in giving an estimated delivery date and verifying their source and movement.

The parcel tracking system’s main objective is to offer customers information regarding the estimated time of delivery, estimated delivery date, delivery status, and route of the package. Here’s how a typical parcel or package tracking system works in e-commerce shipping.

The Bar Code Is Generated

This is the first step to the process. A barcode is generated and attached to the product as soon as the online seller hands over the product for delivery to the courier company. A barcode is referred to as a unique ID with every detail related to the parcel, like the buyer’s contact details, pickup/destination details, etc.

The Bar Code Details Are Scanned

When the product is loaded for delivery, the courier company scans the barcode. This data is then stored within the courier company’s tracking system (usually on its website).

The Scanned Data Is Stored

After the barcode is scanned, data relevant to the courier is stored in the tracking system, for example, where the product came from, where it needs to go, the time it left the seller’s location, etc.

The Product Is Received

After leaving the seller’s location, the shipped item is transported to another courier agency branch at the buyer’s location.

The Bar Code Is Rescanned

As soon as the new courier agency receives the product, it scans the barcode and stores the parcel’s details in the tracking system, which consists of information related to its received time.

The Product Is Out For Delivery

The product is received at this courier company location, where it’s rescanned and made ready to be sent out for delivery. The tracking systems store back the scanned information, including when the product left that courier agency for delivery.

The Product Is Delivered

After the product is delivered to the buyer or the end user, the tracking system is updated with the product’s delivery status (for instance, “delivered” in this case), recipient’s name, delivery time, etc. Just by entering the AWB number (or barcode number) on the courier company’s website, the customer can see and track the package’s movement. The barcode status offers a stepwise progression of where the package is at a particular time.

The tracking system ensures that the package isn’t misplaced or lost. Additionally, the customers are made aware of their delivery status, keeping them free from stress. With millions of packages being sent through the courier, instances of mishandling or loss are avoided due to tracking. Thanks to the advanced technology platforms that tracking systems now use, even if your package is thousands of miles away, you’ll be able to track it with just a few clicks, all done from the comfort of your home!

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