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Partner with NovEx, and rest assured that we’ll handle your fulfillment services most efficiently. We don’t just pick, pack, label, and ship your orders – we build long-lasting customer relationships that help increase sales in your business. We can do that because we’re consummate professionals, concentrating on “high touch” fulfillment – making all aspects of your customer’s experience quote extraordinary.

As one of the leading order fulfillment companies or centers, we take pride in the order fulfillment services we provide and the additional care we offer to all tasks. We aim to be the best, and we look to partner with like-minded organizations who are proud of their brand identity and truly have the best interests of their customers at heart. We think that’s you!

Fulfillment Services For Startups

Fulfillment isn’t your core business. It’s a headache, and if done poorly, it can damage your bottom line and, of course, your brand. You may regard it as a necessary evil, but do you know that you can boost your sales and improve your customers’ brand experience with the right order fulfillment services? Here’s how:

  • We get the order accuracy right. This not just pleases your customers but can save you good money on returns.
  • We pack every order with care, thereby offering an astonishingly impressive unboxing experience.
  • We offer faster than expected delivery.
  • We provide a comprehensive report that supports better marketing decisions and product development.

By opting for the right partner for your order fulfillment services, you allow yourself to focus on what you need. So get back on your core business and leave the reliable, outstanding follow-up to us.

Order Fulfillment Options

Online Order Fulfillment Services For Your E-Commerce Business

Your competition needs your customers. You may have a great website and top quality products, but what kind of total buying experience do you provide? It’s time that you stop thinking of e-commerce fulfillment as a community service and start thinking like we do at NovEx. High-touch e-commerce fulfillment is a disciplined practice that successful businesses implement to build loyal customers. Are you in?

As an e-commerce business, you don’t have many touch-points to interact with customers. Yet, it’s important to come up with the kind of memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more. That’s where our US fulfillment center comes in handy. Our high touch approach to e-commerce fulfillment begins with personable contact center experts who are aware of your products and understand that all contacts make an impression about your brand.

From Extraordinary People To An Exceptional "Unboxing" Experience

Currently, your customers receive a “box of stuff” haphazardly sent with the product dumped with certain filler material. While that gets the job done, what does it say about your company? You’d be better off sending a package that delivers such a powerful wow factor that your customers can’t hold themselves back from sharing it on their Instagram. Your customers want the product they ordered delivered to them without any delays. And, when they need help, they want someone to talk to.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Is About Exceeding Expectations, Consistently

Your customers notice even the minutest of details. So you can choose an e-commerce fulfillment company that offers you a reasonable service. However, we think you’ll be happier with us. By partnering with NovEx, you’ll get:

  • Order accuracy
  • Increased average sale
  • Elevated customer lifetime value as a result of repeat purchases
  • Value-added, high touch order fulfillment process you need to increase brand loyalty

Our focus is to build long-term relationships with our clients. After all, our goal is the same – giving all of your customers a superior, simple experience, every time.

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