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Understanding a 3PL Service

In simple terms, logistic means the transportation of different goods from a factory, warehouse, or distribution center to the designated customer.

A third-party logistics company (3PL) allows businesses to outsource their fulfillment, distribution, and transportation functions to seasoned professionals. They help growing businesses with the logistics of shipping, warehousing inventory, receiving, and tracking. Third-party logistics providers won’t take ownership of goods at any point, but they will ensure proper storage, handling, along with transportation of goods right from the factory to delivery to the customer.

NovEx is a market leader in the 3PL industry. Therefore, we offer other logistics solutions as well, the center around e-commerce processes such as customer service, billing, etc.

How can a 3rd party logistics company help you grow your business?

Only recently, some of the biggest retailers and e-commerce giants have started using 3PL solutions companies. According to International Warehouse Logistics Association, the latest economic trends have accelerated the reliance on 3PL companies.

Here are some of the reasons why companies decide to use 3rd party logistics provider.

So you can focus on core business operations

The main reason why businesses use 3pl Services is so that business owners can solely focus on their core business while outsourcing the components of logistics such as supply chain management, transportation services. A business might start out with a viable idea of a product, advertise it over the internet, and store it in a small warehouse and hire employees for the management, logistics, warehousing, and transportation of the product. But, after some time, the business grows, and outsourcing warehousing services from a 3PL provider becomes mandatory for the business to grow. Outsourcing logistics services and making use of 3PL services allows the business owners to focus on critical business operations.

NovEx is a full-service 3PL Company that offers dedicated solutions and logistics for the warehousing needs of your business.

Your business will scale

Running your own large-scale logistics can be quite expensive, which includes the cost of warehouse operations and transportation that are required to expand a business. By outsourcing to a 3PL solutions provider, your business can get better control over logistics, allowing them to ship anywhere quickly. Your company will also gain additional marketing, customer support, and sales capabilities. You can get all these logistics capabilities for a much smaller investment than hiring resources and building up your logistics department from scratch. NovEx solutions provide logistics and warehousing services that aid your company and eventually allow you to grow.

Makes room for a strategy

Business leaders know and value the importance of a comprehensive strategy. In the start, you might need a strategy and do things as they come in, but there will come a time when the ad-hoc approach will do more damage than good. 3PL services are needed to implement a strategy that will streamline your warehousing and logistics operations. A 3PL company lowers transportation, personnel, and warehouse costs through shared services, and that’s not all; it can also increase efficiency through logistics automation.

NovEx is the leading 3PL solutions provider that will assemble, pack and distribute your products more efficiently for faster and more accurate delivery services while providing better customer support, enhanced cycle time, and free up key resources in the marketer’s and manufacturers’ non-core areas.

Managing fluctuations just got easier

Product demand is never constant – there are seasons where product demands increase, and there are drought seasons as well where sales come to a standstill. To manage your logistics efficiently, you need smart and swift management and transportation among the logistics of warehousing.

The ability to handle fluctuation is essential to supply chain management services because customer’s expectations for quick fulfillment are often the most challenging during peak season, such as the Christmas holidays.

NovEx can help you scale up and down to manage the fluctuations so that you always have the right inventory at the right time. We are constantly pushing our employees to perform better while offering them incentives, so they keep doing what they do best, even during peak hours.

NovEx also knows how to organize supply chain and logistics operations so every product can be located and shipped quickly. We use analytics to identify which items are top sellers while placing them close to each other in the warehouse.

How can NovEx help you?

Some of the leading electronics companies take the help of 3PL providers to make their supply chain operations effective and hassle-free.

We have state-of-the-art security system that is specially designed to keep your equipment safe. As also focus upon security protocols in place to keep your eCommerce business up and running.

NoVex will gladly return the defective items while also offering different options. We can process this request ourselves or let the returns and exchange department send it back to the merchant. The latter is ideal when products are testing or are being refurbished

Being a market leader, NovEx offers electronic fulfillment services that are able to assist you with major increases in order volume, regardless if you run a big sale, receive major coverage, or start-up an e-commerce store and start selling your consumers just what they’re looking for.

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