eBay Fulfillment Services

eBay Fulfillment Service For Smooth Running of Online Businesses

We help businesses grow by assisting online merchants in catering to the needs of both national and international customers. Being the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay handles billions of transactions every day.

To make sure you are capable of carrying out your dealings smoothly in the bustling eBay market, NovEx acts as your trusted eBay fulfillment partner. From weekly selling to operating an established online business with several retail channels, we make all possible.

Get Swift, Efficient, and Accurate Order Fulfillment Service With NovEx

NovEx offers you complete fulfillment services. From storage, management, packing to shipping and returns processing, we handle all in a safe and hassle-free environment. We have state-of-the-art warehouse management software that easily sets up your eBay store and automates the entire mechanism for real-time processing.

Overview of Our Fulfillment Services

1) Receiving and Storage

At our eBay fulfillment center, you get to store your inventory at an affordable cost without any hidden charges or long-term storage fees. You get to enjoy premium services and support that begins with transporting your inventory to our warehouse through a coordinated shipping itinerary with inbound freight discounts.

All your merchandise is stocked in a secure facility that runs through well-integrated software that constantly monitors orders and shipments. You remain apprised of your inventory levels and sales history so that you can plan accordingly.

Ebay dropshipping suppliers can rely on our fast, accurate, and cost-effective order fulfillment services. Once our eBay store is synchronized with our fulfillment control panel, you give us control of the order retrieval. We can then quickly pick and pack the orders keeping you updated during the entire process.

Despite the merchandise type and amount, we offer you cost-efficient shipping options that meet all your needs. Our reliable delivery system matches your and the customers’ requirements. We have a worldwide shipping service for your business’s unparalleled growth.

Being a reliable eBay fulfillment center, we handle order returns for our merchants so that you have time on your hands to focus on your business operations. You are notified of the merchandise return so that appropriate steps could be taken before we ship the new orders to your customers.

We offer you a well-functioning, round the clock customer support service that is accessible. Receive quick answers to all your queries through our live agent support, account management, and on-site communication and technical support.

We Cater To Business of All Sizes

At NovEx, we prioritize business growth and customer satisfaction rather than the size of your eBay store. Our services are provided without any hidden regulations and restrictions. We aim to watch businesses flourish!

Why Choose NovEx

NovEx specializes in eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce brand order fulfillment and warehouse management services. Our experience at delivering products all over the world for prestigious companies around the world make us your unfailing eBay fulfillment partner.

Avoid costly overheads and enjoy a robust order fulfillment service that leads to continued progress and an expanded customer base. Our fast shipping service acts as a pivot to your company’s unrestrained success.

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