Nutritional Supplements Fulfillment

Supplement fulfillment offered by NovEx

NovEx is the leading 3PL company that offers exceptional supplement fulfillment services. We also offer cosmetic and vitamin fulfillment for the wellness and beauty market. Our dedicated and multichannel order processing and distribution platforms seamlessly integrate with every sales channel while being backed by expert call center services that offer a quality experience to customers.

Why choose NovEx for supplement fulfillment?

Being a market leader in the 3PL industry, we offer

· Supplement Fulfillment – Vitamins, Herbal and Energy Products

· Nutraceutical Fulfillment Services

· Cosmetic Fulfillment – Makeup, Skin Care Product

· FDA registered Food Facility

· Customized Packaging and Kitting Solutions

· Climate-Controlled Product Storage

· Adherence to ISO Standards

· Warehousing, Distribution, Pick/Pack and Returns

· Ecommerce Fulfillment

· Lot Control, Expiration Date and Serialization Tracking

Transparency and 24/7 support

NovEx’s robust online reporting tool gives you complete visibility into the daily activity of your supplement or cosmetic fulfillment program. You can monitor orders, check inventory levels or even view shipment tracking information. We allow you complete transparency along with 24/7 support.

Serving the Vitamin, Supplement & Cosmetic Industry

NovEx offers cost-effective and efficient solutions for the fulfillment of supplements and wellness products. Our easy to operate order management platform offers superior distribution services for your ecommerce business along with continuity and auto-ship applications. NovEx also gives your customers reliable and accurate delivery while you benefit from our integrity, stability, and decades of fulfillment experience.

If you are looking for a supplement fulfillment center, then you’ve come to the right place. NovEx offers the best 3Pl services so that your customers get the best experience while doing business with you.

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