Woocommerce Fulfillment Services

What is WooCommerce?

Woocommerce is a robust shopping cart plugin for WordPress, which is an open-source content management system. Although there are many CMS out there but WordPress is by far the most popular one because it offers thousands of free and paid plugins that can easily extend the already given features, making your website ready for virtually anything.

Enter WooCommerce Plugin

By using WooCommerce plugin, you have the best of both worlds. Your website won’t only enjoy the inbuilt features and abilities of a highly tech-enableds website; you will also have access to all of the other robust and essential plugins and features that come with WordPress as your content management system. People usually underestimate the power of a CMS, but it’s your CMS that allows you to create sleek websites with an active blog along with a fully operational shopping cart system, and if you want to take the feature-set to the next level, then you can always do that by hiring a WordPress developer.

Why should you partner with a Woocommerce Fulfillment company?

If you plan to keep your operations streamline, active and efficient, then partnering with a Woocommerce company is a great initiative. You might already know that automation is probably the best way to streamline all your business processes that includes order processing and workload management. If you’re running short on manpower and your e-commerce store is being looked after by a few individuals, then you greatly reduce their management responsibilities by integrating woocommerce fulfillment services.

Things are manageable when you’re storing inventory in your country and delivering products in the same country. But the minute you decide to do the same but targeting international markets, your shipping cost skyrockets. This additional isn’t a one-time cost that can be dealt with; you’ll have to pay high shipping cost every time you’ll deliver an order; in the end, your business will be incurring huge losses because the money you’ll be making by delivering products will not even come close to the amount that you’ve already spend on their shipping.

This problem is solved by NovEx – we offer global fulfillment centers that are located in key places so you can easily reach overseas without having to pay for hefty shipping charges.

When a person chooses a product from your online store, he/she has in mind that their desired product will reach them shortly. If the product takes too long, then the customer might cancel the order, or they might not want it anymore because some things are only wanted temporarily, and if they’re not obtained at the desired time, their value diminishes, and they aren’t needed anymore.

Businesses who are shipping far from home must keep this in mind while there are always other issues as well that might further increase the delivery time like customs. By storing all your inventory within the same country you’re shipping your products to, you’ll be able to reduce delivery time significantly while catering to the immediate need of your customers.

This is a promise very few companies make because not every company has fulfillment centers across the East and West coast, but we do. Therefore, we offer convenient, personalized, and same-day multi-channel fulfillment. We have fulfillment centers located in the United States, and most of the orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

If you’re planning to target a new country for your business, then you must thoroughly understand the recipient country’s laws and regulations of shipping orders while also looking into customs and taxes. If you’re planning to do this yourself, then it could turn out to be the biggest challenge you’ll face, especially if it’s your first.

NovEx has a team of experts who will always be working by your side to make sure that your transition into the international market is smooth.

How can NovEx help you?

NovEx is the leader of its industry because of its global footprint and WooCommerce shipment in the international market. We offer end-to-end e-commerce solutions to small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for automation. Our Woocommerce integration offers a host of services that are:

Our Woocommerce integration streamlines your ordering processing stage. When someone books a product, the order is automatically sent to the fulfillment company via an order entry API. This transmission is completely automated, which means that no human assistance is required in this process.

The next big service that Woocommerce integration offer is Order tracking. This improves the visibility of your operations as you can easily pull tracking information or order confirmation at any time. You can also view partial fulfillments and other shipping details directly from your Woocommerce store.

As soon as your customer checks out, he/she will be viewing the most cost-effective shipping rates, thanks to the Woocomerce integration. This rate will be pulled using the latest warehouse, packing, and carrier data.

Inventory status is probably the biggest problem faced by global e-commerce businesses. By Woocomerce integration, you can find inventory statues globally by specific warehouses or regions. You can check the real-time status of warehouses, so you’ll always know what products are running low and what needs to be restocked as soon as possible.

Woocommerce is a plugin that offers complete automation. You will receive status for products, email notifications about orders and other issues, and if an order can’t be fulfilled, you will be notified immediately.

The NovEx Advantage - The best Woocommerce fulfillment service provider

Cart integration with our fulfillment service is a mandatory process, and as a Woocommerce user, you will take advantage of using one of the most advanced and user-friendly shopping carts for WordPress. NovEx provides integration plugins along with API access to make the transmission of data from your online store to our warehouse a completely automatic process. You won’t have to hire any extra resources to manually send across order information because your entire online store will be completely automated.

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