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In small business shipping, a lot of business owners find it difficult to understand where they should actually begin. Do they make shipping accounts? Work with a single company, or more. What’s the best solution for the specific needs of their company? NovEx’s comprehensive experience with small business shipping solutions means we can assist you in finding the right answers for your company’s needs.  

How Does Shipping For Small Business Work?

Typically, small business owners have to manage everything from the production process to the ultimate customer experience. This can be quite overwhelming. Whether it’s small or big, logistics and shipping are the crucial parts of any business. However, shipping means even more for small businesses because it lets you offer a tailored customer experience and retain your customers. Retailers understand that even after the sale is closed, their job is only half done. There’s a chance to impress customers in all aspects of the interaction they have with them – or to say goodbye to their business forever.

Today, building the best possible experience for customers is heavily dependent on retail logistics. Trouble-free, fast shipping is no longer a value-added premium service. Nowadays customers expect it, so retailers need to focus on making their deliveries as swiftly as possible. However, this is easier said than done, especially for small businesses. While larger firms like Amazon can take advantage of their volume to create the most efficient and effective logistics, smaller businesses aren’t blessed with these luxuries.

This is where retail shipping rescues many businesses. By leveraging everything this method provides, they can offer their customers the best shipping experience from start to finish. However, the management of small business logistics isn’t as complex as it may seem. NovEx offers two shipping options for small businesses. You can either ship via truckload freight shipping or less-than-truckload shipping.

Communicate Clearly

Regardless of how small or big your company is, you'll work with business partners and other companies. In order to eliminate any bottlenecks from your production and supply chain processes, ensure that you clearly communicate your requirements and ideas to parties you're working with. The more transparent and clear your communication, the better your partnership will influence both sides.

Plan Ahead

It's important to plan early for well-organized and smooth business growth. While you plan your business strategy, stock management, inventory, and supplies delivery, you may leave logistics out of the equation. However, planning is critical in small business shipping. With a prepared approach, you'll secure more capacity, save costs, and avoid shipment delays and disruptions. Eventually, successful shipments translate to satisfied customers.

Work with a shipping platform

It may become challenging to manage every branch of your business. Properly managed shipping and logistics require time and effort. That's where shipping platforms become useful. Your logistics partners will handle the majority of your burden, for example, billing, shipment tracking, carriers, searching for better freight rates. Platforms like NovEx have tools for regular shipment updates, instant freight quoting, and a user-friendly interface.

How LTL Shipping Benefits Small Businesses

LTL carriers consolidate multiple shipments from different companies on the same truck. This enables businesses to quickly and affordably transport their goods, even when they don’t have enough to fill the whole trailer. With LTL, customers are provided with automatic tracking alerts – a great benefit. By working with such carriers, retailers can avail the following advantages:

By working with a professional LTL carrier, retailers can prevent penalties that emerge from noncompliance. They can rest assured that every element of their shipment will be dealt with appropriately.

This method allows businesses to streamline their operations. They can get rid of noncompliance fees, chargebacks, and needless air freights that can bog down their logistics. As a result, better scorecard performance across the board is witnessed.

Using LTL residential delivery’s small business fulfillment services, companies will hit their delivery windows more consistently. Consumers will love to see their packages arrive on time.

Since trailers are filled with many loads, every retailer pays for the capacity it utilizes, meaning that participating businesses don’t pay for space they don’t use.

How Truckload Shipping Benefits Small Businesses

When it comes to shipping freight over the road, truckload freight shipping is considered the most convenient method. This can be a beneficial option for your business if you have enough freight to fill a 48 ft. truck trailer. For retail logistics, truckload shipping offers the following benefits:

Since truckload trucks are devoted to your freight only, there’s a fair bit of chance that FTL loads will reach the destination faster than LTL ones. Also, truckload shipping doesn’t have any transit stops, so it actually is faster.

Since there are no transit stops, there’s less freight handling, reducing the risk of freight loss, theft, or damage.

While full truckload shipping is often more expensive, if you ship frequently and have large freight volumes, it can be more cost-efficient in the long run than using other shipping methods.

Why Choose Novex?

With NovEx, the process of arranging your shipments is convenient and easy. Since we have long-term relationships with hundreds of experienced, reliable carriers, we make shipping large items across the country possible. We offer tracking tools, online booking, free quote comparisons, and tailored solutions to meet your needs. The success of any retailer is dependent on logistics. With our expertise, experience, and comprehensive network of carriers, we can offer the capabilities you need to keep your promises to your customers. Call us at 801-566-6722 to get a free quote today!

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