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Upgrade your Wix e-commerce shipping services With NovEx order fulfillment

If you want to save time and money, then you’ve come to the right place. With NovEx, you can easily integrate your Wix store to automate the entire fulfillment process.

We have the latest technology in the e-commerce industry, and once you connect your Wix store with our mainframe system, orders that are placed on your Wix store will automatically be sent to us, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll pick, pack and ship them to their designated locations within the shortest amount of time.

Reasons you need NovEx for your Wix store

Every business tries to save money as much as they can because every penny saved is every penny earned. Therefore, if you are planning to save thousands of dollars, then NovEx can do that for you. By removing the additional cost of shipping, warehouse space, and other inconveniences, you can save a lot of money that you can reinvest into other crucial business operations.

Exceptional user experience is all that separates your business from those that people run away from. By parntering with NovEx, you won’t only get reduced shipping costs, but you’ll also improve the transit times, and that’s not all; you will also be able to track the entire order fulfillment process from start to end in real-time from your dashboard.

We just don’t talk the talk, but we walk the walk as well. We offer premium customer service, dedicated representatives, phone support, live chat, and weekly inventory and sales report.

From club packs to multi-packs, we do it all. All you have to do is integrate our technology into your Wix Store and see the magic happen. You won’t have to hire any extra resources as most of your operations will become completely automated.

This is a promise very few companies make because not every company has fulfillment centers across the East and West coast, but we do. Therefore, we offer convenient, personalized, and same-day multi-channel fulfillment. We have fulfillment centers located in the United States, and most of the orders are shipped out within 24 hours.

Running out of stock at peak season is a nightmare for all e-commerce stores. We’re here to make sure you have to face that nightmare. Our real-time inventory status allows you to keep track of all your inventory quantities across different warehouses from one location. You can use the dashboard to view what products are available, what products are out of stock, and what products are running low.

If you’re not sure about the scope of our services, then talk to our front-line representative as he/she will help you understand how NovEx can help in WIX DropShipping and why you should consider outsourcing wix fulfillment services.

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