Customer experience and satisfaction is more important than ever in today’s economy. The buying process has changed significantly in the past 10-15 years. Consumers now consult prior customers with almost every buying decision – looking at Google reviews, Amazon, and social feedback before hitting the “buy” button. Businesses must realize that every touchpoint is vital to their current and future business. The actual delivery of product to a customer’s door is now directly tied to their satisfaction with the item, and their review. Logistics is part of the product. Having the right order fulfillment process is more important than ever before.

Delivery & Customer Experience

Our expectations for delivery have changed with eCommerce. We now expect product within a week, sometimes within 2 days. Thanks to advancements, this is achievable, but vendors now need to understand that receiving the product on time with a good experience at delivery is the expectation and is directly tied to a customer’s satisfaction with the brand. Ensure that you have the right logistics partner or solution for the fulfillment side of your business, just as you would for the marketing and sales side. Customers are ordering your product(s) with the expectation of immediate delivery and desire a good experience at delivery. Provide that to them to improve their overall satisfaction with your product.

Delivery & Impact on Lifetime Value

Happy customers order again. For each customer retained, you are making your cost per acquisition lower and generating more revenue with lesser cost. Naturally this improves your bottom line. Having a good experience when receiving the product and opening it adds to the perceived value of the product and their chances of repurchase. Deliver on time, but also provide an experience for your customers when they open your product. You will find that your retention rate, lifetime value, and profitability increase with your customer satisfaction.

Delivery & Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the most effective form of marketing. With social media and eComm, word of mouth is immediate and can reach thousands of potential buyers instantaneously. As mentioned above, a customer experience can be the difference between 1 purchase and multiple purchases. The same applies with a customer reviewing your product.  A positive review can generate hundreds of sales, and a negative review can eliminate just as many sales. The consumer is reviewing your product before they buy, and a missed expectation on delivery of product can be enough for a negative review. Get the right partner to deliver your amazing product efficiently and on time.

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